these months as metaphor

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It’s been raining a lot in Texas. So when the sun came out on Friday we stared and we soaked it up, and we did not even find it in ourselves to complain about the humidity*.


*which is terrible and gross, just for the record


The sun stayed out well through the weekend, the humidity began to break, and we breathed a sigh of relief, changing all of our plans to outdoor ones even as clouds loomed there just on the edge of the sky. We’ll grab any sunshine we can.

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That’s been my life for the past couple months: clouds (both the real ones, and the metaphorical ones). A lot has happened since March – I moved into a new place, got a new roommate, got a new car, traveled to a new state. It’s been exciting and exhausting and educational, honestly, and above it all there has hung a cover…

…because sometimes things happen to people you love that you can’t make all better, not even with a metaphor about clouds.

And while they break, and while the sun comes back, and while we re-remember what it was like before the storms, the clouds will still be there lingering over these months of our lives. “A lot of good things have happened too,” I told my mom, “But I don’t ever want to relive April of 2015 again.” And she agreed, she said.

I know.

So there is my preamble for where I’ve been, a little caveat before I get back to the rhythm of documenting days and months and moments (because you’d better believe I’ve got things to share about The Move).

Clouds pass, Life is complicated, but it’s sunny today. That’s okay.