back to the present

So it’s January 10th.


I haven’t blogged or photographed much so far this year. Though I’ve managed to write most dates with “2015,” it’s taken me all week to stop writing “12” in the month’s place and start writing “1.” Like waking up on a lazy weekend morning, I’m slowly easing into January.


Last year started with a bang: I hit the ground running with my goals and surprised no one more than myself that I marked the end of the year by completing them. All of them. While I don’t intend to waste that motivation, it’s also certain that this year will have a definitively different pace.

2015 will be just as eventful, if not more so, than 2014.


In laying out my plans for writing & creating throughout this year, I tried to think of specific words to be the focus of each month. I haven’t got the whole list figured out yet but I think the word for January is “reflection.”


Part of the reason why 2015 has yet to feel fully present is because I’m still wrapping up the year before. I photographed a wedding just a few days before Christmas. I recorded a video for a church project nearly two months ago and I am just now getting around to it (I should know better than to volunteer for things past November, I really should). I’m working on a book for Pat.


It’s been a cold, grey, and rainy January so far, and I want nothing more than to stay inside with my slippers and blankets. Perhaps I’ll feel like the new year has dawned by the time I finally see the sun again. For now, it feels like a good time to reflect on what the year was before and what the year coming will be, to wrap up old business while remaining rested and ready for new things.