The Big Move, Part 4: Drop Dead Move Day

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Two people working two full-time jobs with two very different schedules, who are both planning to move into the same space, will find themselves in desperate need of a plainly spelled-out schedule.


It mostly all went according to plan.

Amanda was at work the Saturday that I enlisted some extra hands to help me move some of my larger items of furniture. I figured, if I could at least get the big stuff out of the way, I could handle carting over the rest before finally settling myself in along with the cats. Kayla, friend extraordinaire and somewhat seasoned mover, took one look around the mostly-packed-up apartment and said, “I think we can get this all done today.” And so we did.


Four people, three vehicles, and three trips (including the last trek to pick up the cats).

I woke up in the apartment that morning and went to sleep in the new place that evening.




It was chaos, naturally. I lived off Amy’s frozen dinners for a few days. I completely missed Pascha services because, oh yeah, all of this happened on Holy Saturday and by 9pm that evening I could neither think or move any more.

But that’s what moving is: chaos. And we’d made it out the other side just fine.



(Did I mention that we have a YARD now? We so do.)



Priority #1 was to get the kitchen in working order.




Priority #2 was to make my bedroom a haven.


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The house is still, four months later as I write this, a bit chaotic. Amanda’s been moving in bits and bursts, the place is still stuffed to the brim with boxes, and we are still working on getting things organized, nevermind decorated. Making a priority out of having one place that is ordered and calm has been a real sanity-saver.

As for the rest? Stay tuned.