year two, month two: scenes from a Saturday

(trying to hit ‘Post’ before my self-imposed 9:30pm curfew for screentime)

sleepy ScullyI’ve tried to be intentional about my time, space, and need for quiet this Lent. It’s been a good few weeks, lots of time for thinking (and repenting and praying), lots of church services to attend, and sometimes days like today: rising with the sun, checking everything off the To Do list, and then resting to enjoy the fruits of good labor.

bedroomI need more days like this, after Lent. Cutting back has made me see how much I don’t want to be running around everywhere, or seeing everything, or staying busy. I still fill my life with a lot of nonessential stuff, while what my soul really needs is more quiet and space.

What my soul really needs is more days like today.

tablecooking bone brothover the sinkI even organized my bathroom. I find this very relaxing.

(My mom would be so proud.)

bathroom cabinetbathroom sinkAnd after all that, I made food and watched an 80’s movie. It was a good day.

avocados - yummm!for Johnny!Happy Saturday <3