Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie

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Every Thanksgiving my aunt Dee would bring a homemade pumpkin pie for dessert, and every year I would politely decline a slice, because pumpkins are squash and squash is gross and the prospect of an entire pie made from sweetened squash was not all that appealing. I stuck to the vanilla ice cream-soaked crust of my apple pie.

But hey…this year is about stretching myself, right?


Truth be told: I chose this recipe because it seemed like the easiest way to mimic a traditional dessert without the complicated mixing and measuring for which most gluten-free baked goods call.




And it was very easy. I ended up substituting the Earth Balance with real butter, and the coconut cream with heavy cream, just because that’s what I had in my house, but I’m not sure that made any significant difference in taste. This would be a very yummy pie for the vegan/dairy-free crowd.



I made the pie on Tuesday night, took it out of the fridge on Wednesday morning, and packed it with us for the 7-hour journey to Louisiana. It survived the trip just fine and made it’s debut on Thursday morning (because why wouldn’t you want to try out a completely untested recipe on your gracious hosts?)



Did I mention that it was, in fact, quite yummy?

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This might actually be my favorite recipe so far: easy, delicious, and perfect for dessert even after the holiday has passed. Which is to say: I had a slice almost every day for the rest of the trip.