more photos from the trip

Hannah’s trip here last month was her second visit to Austin, but it was also the first time she came by herself and the first time that she and I have spent real one-on-one time together since I left home two years ago.

The Shmoo Reunion

My little sister is almost twenty.

Since I moved to Texas, she’s gotten her license and graduated from high school, she’s gotten her own iPhone and Instagram account, and we text almost every day. I love being a big sister and I love watching my younger siblings grow up to become these amazing adult people…

but it’s still nice to know that some things will never change.

Hannah 1

Some of our best times together will still be spent driving around for hours, listening to the radio, and hitting up thrift shops.

Hannah 2


And we will never be too old for adventures.

Hannah 6.5

Hannah 6.6Hannah 4

Hannah 5.6

Hannah 5.5

Hannah 7.5

Hannah 6

Hannah 5

We’ll find new favorite places to go, new traditions for our times together.

Hannah 8.5

Hannah 8

But I will always look at her and see my baby sister.

Hannah 3Hannah 71008671_10151957285917087_660174986_oOh, this girl. I love her so.