Halloween for Homebodies

So this was my Halloween.


A quiet night at home.


No trick-or-treaters, just me and the fuzzbuns.



No costumes, just me in my funky socks.



Food soaking on the counter. Music playing while I washed the dishes.



In other words: a completely and totally perfect evening.


While I brainstormed costume ideas for Pat



Kayla texted about her trick-or-treating visitors, and Lexi texted a photo of my nephew kitty (“Stan Lee”) in costume:


Having planned to bring a snack to a Bible Study that ultimately ended up being cancelled (and having not bought any candy for my non-existent Halloween visitors) I decided to make use of those ingredients for a Halloween treat of my own:

Grain-Free Pumpkin Bars / Maple Pecan Glaze (via Detoxinista)

DSC_8144(I totally cooked and mashed that pumpkin allll on my own. Ha! No, it came from a can.)


I didn’t make the almond butter either so, like, can I really call this homemade? #hipsterproblems


I proudly own up to the fact that I did not make this honey, because this honey is made by the world’s most wonderful bees and if I have not raved about Walker Honey here on this blog, let me make up for that RIGHT NOW.

Because it’s that good.


And of course, pumpkin pie spice. The veritable essence of autumn in a bottle.


The original recipe calls for eggs, but flax “eggs” make this both allergy and vegan-friendly.


This is a delightfully low-mess recipe; with just one bowl to mix everything in, most of the dirty dishes end up being of the measuring variety. So that’s the one big positive of this recipe. I’ll get to the not-so-positive in a bit…



While the bars were making, I very quickly mixed up the Maple Pecan Glaze.


I don’t often have maple syrup in my home anymore, as it’s rather prohibitively expensive to buy it this far from the source and (as previously mentioned) I already have access to the magical elixer of the local honey bees. But some things are worth splurging for, and maple syrup for an autumn recipe is definitely one of them.


This is the other big positive of this recipe: this stuff is AMAZING. I was tempted to just start downing it by the spoonful.

I mean, I didn’t, but I was very tempted.


And now for the not-so-positive: it wasn’t that good.

Now it was delicious, but mostly in the way that a mix of almond butter, pumpkin, pecans, autumn spices, and a good dose of sweetener would inevitably be delicious. I absolutely enjoyed it as a desert-type thing, but I’m also glad that I didn’t bring it anywhere as an awesome grain-free desert (as I have before, with great success) because it just doesn’t cut it as a good replacement recipe. It came out very oddly mushy and fudge-like, but without the intense richness or sweetness of an actual fudge. So if we’re being totally honest, it tastes like the kind of desert that someone who never eats desert (I don’t) would find delightful (I did).


And I enjoyed every bit of this recipe as I slowly polished it off over the course of Halloween weekend (what? that’s totally a thing).