Sunset from the 360 Bridge

Here’s to a long weekend.


Or, as one of my friends on Facebook so aptly put it: “If there was ever a time for a 3 day weekend, it’s now.

I am tired. It’s been a combination of things lately: busyness, hormones, homesickness, but more than anything the fact that I haven’t been ALONE in nearly two weeks and my extraordinarily introverted nature is just about drained dry. I need this time. I need to be alone.


It was really an impulse decision to go out to the 360 overlook. I got out of work early today and while the afternoon was rainy, toward early evening the skies cleared and the weather turned cool and breezy. This will be nice, I thought, I can be alone without anything coming at me but the sun and the breeze.


And it really was a lovely evening. I always feel closest to home when I’m out in nature, and Austin has some really wonderful places to escape the urban life without being far from the heart of the city.


I arrived early, about an hour-and-a-half before sunset, and I’m glad I did because this place fills up fast. Some families, some fellow photographers, and couples. Lots of couples.

(It was sweet, really. One pair even brought a picnic blanket, cheese, and wine.)






The sun went down, the birds continued to flit about catching insects,
and the boats purred quietly up and down the river.



The world spins on, and I will enjoy this break I have while I have it.
Moments like this – weekends like this – they’re a gift.


[fun fact: this is the very first 30 by 30 that I've done by myself]