About Me


Hi, I’m Emily.

I like to read, I like to write, and I love to watch movies. I love my city. I love my cats. I think television can be an art form and that comics aren’t just for kids. I’m a pastor’s daughter by birth, and an Orthodox Christian by choice. I am currently rocking the solo life. I’m a nostalgic Yankee and a proud Texas transplant, and I don’t go anywhere without a camera.

I love to travel. I’ve wandered around the streets of Paris, celebrated well into the night at a wedding in Romania, seen the sunset over the Aegean, worshiped with the Patriarch in Constantinople, danced around a fire in Africa, and looked into the face of AIDs. I did my anthropology field work in northern Quebec and I once spent several hours stranded in a Hungarian airport. Most recently my brother and I spent a month volunteering in, and falling in love with, Tanzania.

In October 2010 I visited Austin, Texas, and got myself all messed up. After a year of planning, praying and saving, I spread my wings to take that leap of faith into a life on my own, and moved to Austin in March 2012. New England country girl meets Texas city living: this should be interesting.

See the countdown to my 30th birthday…

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