it’s december, again

Well, would you look at the time…

Austin tree

(I mean, it’s only been three months)

Scully can't believe it either

What I’ve been wanting to express since my last post, and what my last post summed up pretty well on its own, is that I’ve been in transition. Since that 500th day milestone in September and right on through my second season of holidays and traditions in Austin, I’ve felt that shift in me start to solidify, and now on the cusp of my birthday and the start of a brand new calendar year what I want most to express is a sense of closure: I’m starting a new chapter.

I just need to wrap this one up first.

Ice Storm. This is a thing that happened in Central Texas.

When I moved to Texas nearly two years ago, this blog became the place for me to record and process that journey and what it meant for me. This remains one of the biggest, riskiest, zaniest leaps of faith that I have ever taken (at least up to this point) in my life, and I’m glad I have those moments documented because it’s still hard to imagine how I got here.

Capital Christmas

And yet it’s been nearly two years. This was my second Halloween in Austin. My second Thanksgiving in Austin. My second Christmas season in Austin (though technically my first Christmas, since I flew home last year). My brother and sister-in-law spent the holiday here, their second visit since I moved. My mom and sister will each be making their second visits in the next couple months, and just like that, what was novel has become normal. This is where I live. I’m not new or exploring our tourist-ing (is that a word? it should be a word). I have people and places and routines that are all mine, and I am no longer self-consciously aware of them as being recent or unfamiliar.

Christmas lights

37th St

What the past twenty-something months of (admittedly sporadic) posting has captured is a very essential part of that transplant transitional period, but really…that time is over now. I’m ready to move on to the next step.

Which in this case is just –

to be here.

Cats: they can't believe it's December eitherO Christmas Tree

Christmas card outtakes

To that end, my 29th birthday is tomorrow. 2014 will be the year of the 30 by 30, a list of things that are largely Austin-based and that I would like to check off my Austin Bucket List now that I’m, you know, all settled and stuff. This will be a new year with a new outlook, new goals, and (hopefully) a whole slew of new blog posts. Out with the old, in with the last year of my twenties! Because after all, who wouldn’t make a resolution to take daily photos of a dinosaur? I think (and will continue to pray) that 2014 could be one of the best chapters yet.

Happy holidays, y’all!

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