year two, month four: the belated update

So this was my June…

I flew home on the 1st. Not counting my wonderful whirlwind of a Christmas visit, this was really my first relaxed and extended trip back to New England since I’ve moved to Texas. The big event was, of course, my younger brother’s wedding on the 9th (preceded by the slightly-less-big-but-still-joyous event of my parents getting married in the Orthodox Church earlier that week on the 3rd. Glory be to God!) So I spent much of the week doing wedding stuff, seeing Maine (again), and hanging out with my family.

Less of whirlwind, but no less wonderful.

Upon arriving in New England I joked that it made Austin feel like Narnia, because so much of the region remains completely unchanged year after year. “So does it feel weird to be back,” my soon-to-be-sister-in-law asked, “Or is it like being back to normal?”

“It’s weird how normal it feels.”

And it did feel a little weird, slipping right back into my home culture and old household routines as though I had never left them. But of course, things have changed: my little brother is married now, my little sister is the last child in the house and blossoming into a beautiful adult woman more and more every day, my parents are now Orthodox and worshiping together in a wonderful parish, and yeah…New England is not my home anymore. I’m putting down roots here in Austin. I won’t be making another trip back for another year, though – God willing – my family will be making their own visits in that time. I think what I realized is that even while things do change (I have officially have another sister now – woohoo!) what remains the same is that I am a sister and a daughter, a native of a beautiful place and a part of a beautiful (and growing) family, and those things will never change.

Our last night as singletons (June 8, 2013)

Our last night as singletons (June 8, 2013)

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