first year

I’ve been working on this now for over a year.


It seems fitting that my marker gave up the ghost just today as I was putting on the finishing touches.

Emily's first year

A (mostly) full accounting of a very full year.

I think it's safe to say that I can draw my new home state far better than I can draw my old one.

I think it’s safe to say that I can draw my new home state far better than I can draw my old one.


in the beginning

I still get whomped with allergies this time of year and I’ve seen far more cockroaches since the first one that scuttled away from my feet. Austin did not, perhaps, leave me with the greatest of first impressions.

But I’m still here.

St. Elias

St. Elias on a Sunday morning

I’ve been at St. Elias for just over a year now. It’s a wonderful, wonderful church, and every day I am thankful not only for Orthodoxy, but for a parish that supports and expresses it so beautifully.

St. Elias

Of course, in laying out the curtain for completion and subsequent photographing, the cats assumed that I was providing a fun service just for them.

Scully in the curtainMiko feetscats

As I said, it’s been a full year. All the things we did together when my family came to visit…

Summer fun

…and all the ways my first birthday in Austin would be one to remember.

Happy Birthday to me! (28) B-day

 There was this little tidbit from last April:


It came as a direct result of a Facebook status I posted about wide open spaces being good for my country girl soul. A friend posted in response, “Maybe we should go do something to get you some country air this weekend.”

And so we did.

Marble FallsPickingSo much of this year has not been blogged, but it has been preserved in a different way. Facebook, Instagram…and a shower curtain: my first full year in Austin.

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