gratitude, day 30…ish

Thirty days would undoubtedly have been the longest that I ever blogged consistently, so far be it from me to maintain such a perfect record. I’ve got to leave some room for improvement after all, and in fact this afternoon was the first opportunity in over two days that I’ve had to just sit, relax, and reflect.

I think it’s funny that I started the month expressing my gratitude for my new life in my new city, and I ended it by ringing in December 1st over pancakes and fries with a friend at a 24-hour cafe. Huzzah.

November brought with it a lot of things: new friends, new challenges at work, my first experience with truly cold weather since leaving Maine last winter, and my first holiday away from home. And that’s what makes this project my final bit of blogging gratitude.

I’m grateful that it made me take the time to sit and to document these things. Writing is hard work, and there are a lot of excuses why I just “don’t have time” to do it and yet…I always feel better when I do.

I’m grateful that it helped me to share more of my life with my family and friends. It can be difficult, at times, to work through the disconnect that comes with distance, and I don’t ever want to stop sharing my life with my family. Even if we are 2000 miles apart.

Mostly, I’m grateful that this project caused me to spend every day in a state of mindfulness, seeking out and being aware of just all those things that I am truly grateful for in my life. Minor complaints and annoyances tend to fade away when you take the time to think of what you’re thankful for that day.

And so I bid a (belated) farewell to November – you’ve been a great month.


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