knocks you down

Someone once described what it was like when to be on the receiving end of an indirect lightning strike. One moment he was standing and the next he was just…

staring up at the sky.

photo by Hannah, because she is amazing

It didn’t matter that I knew it was coming a month ago, it didn’t matter that I knew it was coming last year, when the seasonal depression struck this year I swear I was upright one minute and flat on my back the next.

And all I could think was What the hell? Wasn’t I just fine?

In light of this, the timing of Hyperbole and a Half’s latest post is a rather humorous coincidence (and a welcome bit of understanding).

It’s not about the job or the move or anything else which, all things considered, I’m feeling pretty positive about. But no amount of positive thinking will change the basic fact that when you’re me and it’s winter, this is what happens. We’re like the Capulets and the Montagues, man. When we get together bad stuff happens.

Sleep eludes me yet again tonight, so I’m sitting here at 1am, listening to pretentious indie music, drinking wine, and organizing my external hard drive. That’s just how I roll.


Last week I recorded two vlogs for a forum challenge. I’ve got a third one in the works, but as you may note from these videos, I can be bit of a perfectionist. At least about certain things.

I think Mom really appreciated that it was an audience that finally motivated me to make my bed. Whatever works, right?

Also observe if you will…