learning the Lord’s Prayer in Greek

Our church community is multicultural and multilingual, so like many Orthodox parishes, our services are conducted in more than one language. Fortunately for n00bs like myself, the Liturgy is mostly English. When asked if I speak any other languages, I tend to joke that I know “church Greek”.

But there are still some linguistic elements of the service that elude me, and one of the major ones is the Lord’s Prayer. We say it in Greek, then in English, and while it’s been nearly five years, I still haven’t even attempted to learn it in Greek.

This is something that I would like to remedy.

Pater imon, o en tis ouranis,

aghiasthito to onoma sou;

eltheto i vasilia sou; ghenithito to thelima sou,

os en ourano, ke epi tis ghis;

ton arton imon ton epiousion dos imin simeron;

ke afes imin ta ofilimata imon,

os ke imis afiemen tis ofiletes imon;

ke mi isenengis imas is pirasmon,

ala rise imas apo tou ponirou.

Oti sou estin i basilia, ke i dunamis, ke i doksa is tous eonas;