this is your brain on March

March 1st: Emily is awed by the destructive forces of nature. I look around at the wrecked scenery and realize that we were very fortunate, while others have not been. Lord have mercy on all those affected by natural disasters. (Facebook)

Stephanie (the cat) was in fact bitten by a spider. Had little bumps up her head and everything, but the vet says she’s fine. (Twitter)

March 2nd: Busy day, busy week, busy month. Bring it on, March! (Twitter)

March 3rd: Tru fax: My reaction to this movie went from a scoffing “Are you serious?” to a staggered “ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Brave, Mr. Scorsese. Yes, it does feel heavy-handed and indulgent, but I really think that the intent was to be ironic. Because I guarantee you this is not the movie you were expecting to see. (Facebook)

Emily became a fan of And then God created Saturn… and he liked it, so he put a ring on it…(Facebook)

March 4th: Jim and Pam are having a BABY! #ilovetheoffice (Twitter)

March 6th: Emily is headed toward an introvert burnout. (Facebook)

Emily became a fan of “Hey what school do you go to?” “I’m Homeschooled.” “Oh..”(Awkward Silence). (Facebook)

March 7th: The last hurrah: after the Oscars tonight, we’re ditching cable tv. (Twitter)

March 9th: Dispensing the tissues, toast, buckets, pain relievers and Emetrol. Just call me Nurse Emily. (Facebook)

I think I have an intellectual crush on Michael Pollan. (Twitter)

March 10th: Emily is organizing school stuff and working on next year’s curriculum. Hannah wants Japanese and Photography for her two electives. I want to know how she’s going to be in 11TH GRADE already. (Facebook)

March 11th: Empty house + Ingrid Michaelson on repeat + shopping for blenders online = ingredients for a good night (Twitter)

March 14th: The new site is live! (Facebook)

March 15th: Emily realizes that sleep deprivation and paint fumes may not be a great combination. (Facebook)

March 17th: Emily has a belly full of potatoes and Guiness, and a fluffy orange cat asleep on my lap. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! (Facebook)

March 18th: Emily is listening to the sounds of a new 55 gallon aquarium. Yeah….the deep end? I jumped off that a while ago. (Facebook)

March 19th: Emily is drinking a toast to Papa ~ (1920-2010) (Facebook)

March 22nd: Am I the only one who starts to feel restless and stifled somewhere around mid-March? (Twitter)

March 23rd: Took a nap yesterday and then slept over 10 hours last night. Apparently, I needed this. (Facebook)

March 24th: It’s snowing? Seriously??? (Twitter)

Fishkeeping is weird…why else would I be feeding and nurturing colonies of bacteria in a 55 gallon tank? (Twitter)

March 25th: This is an absolutely FANTASTIC movie.

March 29th: New England is where Persephone, Goddess of Springtime, comes every year to get drunk on Sterno and dance with sailors. – C. Pierce (Twitter)

March 30th: Emily is taking a mental health day. (Facebook)

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC movie.M