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There is a tribe in a Africa that has a culture rich in tradition. However, this tribe lives in fear of evil spirits who they believe bring ill fortune to their villages. They use the word “Mingi” to describe persons they consider cursed or otherwise imperfect. Those deemed Mingi face severe consequences, as they believe the presence of these children on their land curses the tribe. Their solution to this perceived threat is to drown Mingi children in the river. Last year, 7 percent of the children in this tribe were associated with Mingi, resulting in the deaths of at least 77 children. If the two other nearby tribes practice the Mingi tradition at the same rate, then combined 3,000 children would have their lives at risk.

We are passionate about rescuing and providing for tribal children in Africa who are facing culturally mandated infanticide.

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More and more children are being saved everyday, and now the volunteers at Drawn From Water are looking for people who would be willing to set aside just $25 a month to go toward the day-to-day costs of helping these kids. Just 76 people giving $25 a month. I’m one of them. Will you be?